If you want to have a constructive conversation about refugees and those immigrating illegally, you have to FIRST understand that THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!

We, as a nation DO NOT have to allow people into this country who have not gone through the legal process of immigration. Regardless of their sob story, we simply DON’T. If you bring a child into this country without going through the legal process, that child is subject to human trafficking protection and you are subject to arrest, regardless of your relationship to that child.

Refugees are another story. We are obligated under international law to accept refugees AND their children fleeing circumstances that classify them as REFUGEES. Unless and until their claim for refugee status has been debunked or rejected, they are entitled to be treated as people seeking asylum, NOT AS CRIMINALS.

The Attorney General of the United States needs to learn the differences and educated the Department of Homeland Security before this policy of ripping EVERY child from their parents arms snowballs in to a Humanitarian Crisis OF OUR OWN MAKING! And while we’re on the subject of that bigoted little Keebler, he needs to stop cherry picking the bible to fit his willfully ignorant world view and start fucking reading it.


Memorial Day is a nonpolitical, noncontroversial holiday. There is a time and place for political opinions and debate. Memorial Day observance ceremonies are NOT one of them. There’s always plenty of time after the ceremony back at the VFW or American Legion hall to opine about the patriotism of athletes and democrats. We all agree that we should honor those who paid the most for our freedom without bringing our political opinions into it. Which is why I got so annoyed and disappointed in one of the speakers at the local Memorial Day service in my town.

In years past, I’ve come away from these local services with a feeling of deep gratitude and somber reflection. This year I walked away angry – not just at the speaker’s single comment – but also at the politicians who either perpetuate a false narrative that lead to the comment, as well as those who stand by and allow this false narrative to continue unchallenged.

Let me be clear — since the liberals are content to let the conservatives (once again) change the debate on an important issue in our culture – NO athlete is protesting our flag, our country or our war fighters when they kneel during the National Anthem. These American citizens are exercising their First Amendment rights to call attention to a social justice problem in our great nation. Make no mistake it IS a Great Nation. It is not, however a perfect nation. We’ve come a long way in the last two hundred and forty-plus years, but we have a long way to go in terms of social justice.

It’s also important to remember our history and the events that lead up to these player protests. Back in the day, the players were not on the field during the National Anthem. The National Football League took a shit-load of money from the department of defense to change that and advertise our National Guard. Players were trotted out and expected to play along so owners could continue to line their own pockets. Colin Kaepernick exercised his first amendment right to make a statement rather than play along. I don’t personally like Kaepernick because I think he’s arrogant. I prefer a confident man. There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance and to me, arrogance is a major turn off. That’s my just my opinion and it has nothing to do with his talent as a quarterback or his rights as an American. But, I digress…

Kaepernick chose to sit on the bench while everyone else stood for the Anthem to call attention to the mistreatment of People of Color in America at the hands of Law Enforcement. It’s not a figment of his imagination. It’s a real problem in this country. Despite what narrow minded conservatives and bigots would have you believe, his actions had nothing to do with the flag, our country or our war fighters. It was one of those war fighters, former Navy SEAL Nate Boyer, who had an earnest conversation with the quarterback and helped him reach a compromise by kneeling instead of sitting TO SHOW RESPECT for those who served this great nation in uniform while still calling attention to brutalization of people of color at the hands of law enforcement.

These are well known facts. They are well documented and can be researched quickly and easily with a simple google search of Kaepernick and Boyer. Anyone who implies athletes are unpatriotic, unamerican, or in any way ungrateful for their freedom is, at best, willfully ignorant and, at worst, being deliberately disingenuous to slander these athletes and change the conversation drawing attention AWAY from the treatment of people of color in this nation.

As an American and veteran, I am begging you to stand up and pay attention. The gutless tree hugging liberals have lost control of this issue (which is exactly why I hate democrats with a passion) and surrendered it to the likes of Donald Trump – a man who as demonstrated a reckless disregard for the rule of law and common decency – and his ilk to change the conversation. DO NOT let them! DO NOT let the willfully ignorant and the bigots hide behind our flag and use our fallen heroes to derail the much-needed conversation about the treatment of people of color in this country.

Below is the text of a letter I sen to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education demanding that the teacher responcible for the RACIST BULL SHIT in the picture and principal of Mitchell Elementary School be FIRED immediately. I encourage ALL of you to do the same.

2017 Oct 20


Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

75 Pleasant Street, Malden, MA 02148-4906

Voice: (781) 338-3000

TTY: (800) 439-2370


The Warrior Citizen


THIS FUCKERY———————>Mitchell Elm Fuckery


Superintendent Derek Swenson,


I demand this teacher and her principle be fucking FIRED! RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is NO excuse for what’s going on in this goddamn picture. There is absolutely NO Context that makes THIS bull shit okay!


I’ve spent HOURS a day on the fucking internet trying to reassure people of color in America that they’re being heard, and that things WILL get better. That their contribution to this country matters and not everyone sees them as an idiotic racist stereotype. And then I see this shit which not only feeds into the bullshit white assholes spewed in Charlottesville but degraded (and possibly scarred) a CHILD in the Goddamn process!

And in the future, if you’re not going to actively participate in healing the wounds of the past (and Present) then FOR FUCK SAKE don’t make it worse!

With Utter Outrage,

The Warrior Citizen

Be On the Look Out: Georgia area, James Bradshaw Clement

James Bradshaw Clement

I want to commend W. Kamau Bell for having the courage to interview Richard Spencer on United Shades of America. Bell allowed that Giant Piece of Shit to speak freely on his show (without punching him in his smug, racist face, I might add*)

By giving Spencer a platform, the dipshit exposed his own ignorance and repugnance for all the world to see…with very little prompting from Bell. Seriously, fuck that guy – Spencer not Bell.

Hooray for FREE SPEECH. If nothing else, it just lets us know where the assholes are.

*I doubt I could have shown as much restraint but since I’m white, I probably would have gotten away with it

Welcome to Trump’s America

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Where Immigrants are the scapegoat for everything.


If anyone knows who made this can you give them proper credit in the comments?

Lying is called “Alternative Facts,” when told by Conservative mouthpieces.



And, People who defend the United States Constitution and the betrayers…

Trump Fires Acting Attorney General Who Defied Him



If you have a moment and a Twitter account, I highly recommend you take a moment to peruse @Stl_Manifest or St. Louis Manifest.

The account tweeted the names of over 250 Jewish refugees who came to the United States looking for asylum in 1939 after being turned away from Cuba and Canada. The MS St. Louis was German ship that brought over 900 Jewish refugees fleeing persecution during World War II. Over 250 of them were subsequently murdered in Europe when they were turned away from the United States. These were not nameless, faceless historical statistics. They were people. Learn their names. Look at their faces. Never forget.