Below is the text of a letter I sen to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education demanding that the teacher responcible for the RACIST BULL SHIT in the picture and principal of Mitchell Elementary School be FIRED immediately. I encourage ALL of you to do the same.

2017 Oct 20


Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

75 Pleasant Street, Malden, MA 02148-4906

Voice: (781) 338-3000

TTY: (800) 439-2370


The Warrior Citizen


THIS FUCKERY———————>Mitchell Elm Fuckery


Superintendent Derek Swenson,


I demand this teacher and her principle be fucking FIRED! RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is NO excuse for what’s going on in this goddamn picture. There is absolutely NO Context that makes THIS bull shit okay!


I’ve spent HOURS a day on the fucking internet trying to reassure people of color in America that they’re being heard, and that things WILL get better. That their contribution to this country matters and not everyone sees them as an idiotic racist stereotype. And then I see this shit which not only feeds into the bullshit white assholes spewed in Charlottesville but degraded (and possibly scarred) a CHILD in the Goddamn process!

And in the future, if you’re not going to actively participate in healing the wounds of the past (and Present) then FOR FUCK SAKE don’t make it worse!

With Utter Outrage,

The Warrior Citizen

Be On the Look Out: Georgia area, James Bradshaw Clement

James Bradshaw Clement

I want to commend W. Kamau Bell for having the courage to interview Richard Spencer on United Shades of America. Bell allowed that Giant Piece of Shit to speak freely on his show (without punching him in his smug, racist face, I might add*)

By giving Spencer a platform, the dipshit exposed his own ignorance and repugnance for all the world to see…with very little prompting from Bell. Seriously, fuck that guy – Spencer not Bell.

Hooray for FREE SPEECH. If nothing else, it just lets us know where the assholes are.

*I doubt I could have shown as much restraint but since I’m white, I probably would have gotten away with it

Welcome to Trump’s America

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Where Immigrants are the scapegoat for everything.


If anyone knows who made this can you give them proper credit in the comments?

Lying is called “Alternative Facts,” when told by Conservative mouthpieces.



And, People who defend the United States Constitution and the betrayers…

Trump Fires Acting Attorney General Who Defied Him



If you have a moment and a Twitter account, I highly recommend you take a moment to peruse @Stl_Manifest or St. Louis Manifest.

The account tweeted the names of over 250 Jewish refugees who came to the United States looking for asylum in 1939 after being turned away from Cuba and Canada. The MS St. Louis was German ship that brought over 900 Jewish refugees fleeing persecution during World War II. Over 250 of them were subsequently murdered in Europe when they were turned away from the United States. These were not nameless, faceless historical statistics. They were people. Learn their names. Look at their faces. Never forget.





As a comic book fan, I’m always on the look out for a good series to read. I like to go back and read the big cross over stories. I had heard of the The Watchmen in the 1980s but took a pass on it back then. The opportunity presented itself to finally read it so I did. I’ll be honest. I didn’t like it. Shortly after, I was talking comic books with a (surprisingly white) killjoy, intellectual and comic book expert who asked the following question:


How did Watchmen seek to question the legitimacy of authority and the legitimate use of force and consequently questioned the legitimacy of the use of force by the state in domestic and/or international relations?


I accepted the challenge and below is my response:


Watchmen starts eighteen years after the Keene Act (Moore, 12) became Law in this version of the D. C. Universe. The purpose of the Act was (on the surface) to stifle vigilantism among costumed adventurers and masked crime fighters like Rorschach/Walter Kovacs (Moore, 12). The reality, however, is it is being used to either recruit or jail people like Rorschach. Like most of the protagonists in this ensemble, Rorschach has no super powers, so cannot really be called a superhero – he is more like a poor man’s Batman. According to the Keene Act, the activities of men like Rorschach – who did not work for any law enforcement agency – were deemed illegal or illegitimate. While other masked adventurers like The Comedian/Edward Blake – described by Dr. Manhattan as “deliberately amoral” (Moore, 129) – are embraced by the government. The way The Comedian’s antics are depicted seems to imply Alan Moore did not see use of force on the part of state as legitimate at all. The Comedian, a would-be rapist (Moore, 48) and so-called hero, impregnated then murdered a local national in Vietnam (Moore, 57)  and gunned down kids spraying graffiti (Moore, 60) in the midst of riots during the police strike that inspired the Keene Act (Moore, 133). The police strike was a direct result of people like Rorschach and The Comedian. Law Enforcement Officers insisted that “costumed adventurers [were] making their job impossible.” (Moore, 132)

Both Rorschach and The Comedian were unapologetically violent. However, while The Comedian appeared to have no moral code and was legitimized by working for the government (Moore, 20, 29), Rorschach, who has a moral code – twisted though it was – is considered illegitimate and a criminal (Moore, 12) for remaining stubbornly independent of government authority. This furthers the theory that Moore was attempting to delegitimize authority and did not see use of force on the part of the state as legitimate at all in the domestic arena.

This series was first published in 1987, at a time when America’s future was uncertain. Russia and the Arms Race were perceived as our greatest threats[1]. At that time, this writer did not give any thought at all about crime rates or the monopoly authorities had on the use of force. However, after doing (very little) research this writer found that the murder rate was at an all-time high in 1980. According to David K. Sutton, 10.2 people out of every 1000 were murder victims in the United States during the year 1980 (Sutton, 2012)[2] . The Watchmen was written during a crime lull between 1981 and 1992, so this writer imagines crime rates of the early 1980s were still fresh in the consciousness of the American people. Consequently, the monopoly authorities had on use of force was not scrutinized very thoroughly by Average Joe or John Q. Public…and use of force is highly subjective anyway.

 To be honest, use of force is a tricky issue for this writer. Having been raised by two white, Catholic conservatives – one of whom spent twenty years in the United States Navy. This writer was taught to run towards the police, not away from them. Consequently, the only time this writer has ever run from/dodged the police is when I did something wrong…and was reasonably sure they would not find/catch me. This writer believes this behavior is what cemented the false notion that only people who have done something wrong run from the police. This writer does not believe white privilege had anything to do with the false perception but, this writer white so…take that with a grain of salt…very white salt.

This writer held tight to that misperception well into her adulthood. Through the years, this writer did not give it much brain space, since the perception was further reinforced by military training. This writer was trained to respond to force with extreme force. So, the fallacy of only people who have done something wrong run from the police was unchanged by the deaths of African Americans like Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Freddy Grey, Tamir Rice and even Walter Scott. To clarify, this writer never once thought George Zimmerman or the authorities involved were in any way justified in their use of deadly force. This writer has worked contract security in two states and is very familiar with the “Zimmerman type,” wanna-be cops with an over-inflated sense of their own importance and physical ability who are just dumb enough to get their asses kicked trying to push other people around. If their co-workers are lucky, they will not get their asses kicked or killed while the “Zimmerman type” entertains their delusions of authority and heroism. This writer’s life experiences leave no doubt that Zimmerman started the altercation thinking he could take Martin in a fair fight and actually had the authority to do so. Surprise, asshole! The only way Zimmerman could win was by shooting the unarmed little boy who did not buy into his idiotic super cop fantasies. That was an easy one, but while this writer believes that Brown, Grey and Scott did not deserve to die for whatever petty crime they were running from, the impression that only people who have done something wrong run from the police remained unchanged.

Things started to change after watching dash-cam video of a cop intentionally and methodically escalate an altercation – which he started – with an African American driver during a traffic stop. I never once believed that driver, Sandra Bland’s arrest was justified. Everything that cop did was designed to denigrate and piss off Bland. Would the officer have done the same if Bland had been white? This writer does not believe Bland would have even have been pulled over if she had been white…so…no. The officer’s behavior was unprofessional, intentionally belligerent and he should be fired.

This writer had no doubt that the cops who shot Tamir Rice, Mike Brown and Walter Scott are most assuredly murders who belong in prison. In spite of all of this, I held tight to the belief that running from the police was wrong…even to the detriment of my friendship with an African American Criminal Justice educator who will no longer even entertain the notion of talking to this writer about racism anymore. Since that conversation, this writer has evolved on the subject. Perhaps too late, this writer now understands why some people – who have done nothing wrong – will run from the police. It took Laquan McDonald getting shot sixteen times for no reason to fully open my eyes. The cops in Chicago not only lied, they tried to suppress the dash-cam footage[3]. After deep reflection on McDonald’s murder – as well as the other things I’ve mentioned – I get it now.

What do these events have to do with a comic book published in the late 1980s? Everything. Today, this writer sees elements of The Comedian in Zimmerman and in all so-called Law Enforcement Officers, responsible for the unnecessary deaths of the people listed above…and all the other young ethnic Americans who are gunned down in our streets every day by people sworn to uphold the law. With the exception of the first Silk Spector – who he tried to rape – all of The Comedian’s known victims were non-white (Moore 57, 60 & 129).

Ozymandias/Adrian Veidt is another costumed crime fighter who retired from adventuring two years before the police strike and the introduction of the Keene Act (Moore, 26). His story line became important late in the series when the Cold War – present throughout the twelve part series – came into sharper focus as the dots from the prior ten installments were connected in the last two. The East vs West paradigm as seen through the eyes of Ozymandias, was destroying not just the principle countries involved, but leading the world to nuclear Armageddon (Moore 359). It’s at this point when the reader discovers that hero, Ozymandias is actually the villain. Like any good comic book villain, Ozymandias was brilliant but completely delusional. Through his super LONG monologue, in the eleventh issue, the reader finds out Ozymandias was a student of Alexander the Great and the Pharaoh Ramesses II and saw himself as the Cold War world’s savior (Moore, 359) – to this writer’s mind, much the same way Don Quixote saw himself as a knight-errant.

During his way too long monologue, he also admitted that The Comedian had discovered his ridiculous plot “to frighten governments into co-operation,” (Moore 373) so he had to be murdered. Ozymandias, believed he could “convince [the Super Powers of the Cold War era] that Earth faced imminent attack by being from another world.” (Moore, 373) Ozymandias thought he was still the hero and acted like he was doing The Comedian a favor by killing him before the scheme could be fully implemented. “Imagine…the perfect fighting man discovering a plot to put an end to war…an end to fighting,” (Moore, 372). The fact is, this writer believes Ozymandias was doing humanity a favor by killing The Comedian.

As it turns out Ozymandias had been working toward this goal for decades. His original plan was peace through conquest in the tradition of his hero, Alexander (Moore, 356). That failed. Enter plan B. “Unable to unite the world by conquest … Alexander’s method … I would trick it. Frighten it towards salvation with History’s greatest practical joke.” (Moore, 372) This writer is sure The Comedian would agree, the funniest part of the joke is that the plan would result the deaths of roughly half of the population of New York City (Moore, 374). I wonder if this guy is related to one of Batman’s nemesis’…but I digress…

This writer suspects the only reason Ozymandias was not named George W. Bush is because that disaster was still sixteen years away from when the series was first published. But the Reagan foreign policy is well represented in Ozymandias’s god complex. Sure Reagan would be instrumental in the eventual end of the real Cold War but, he also played a key role in George H. W. Bush developing his New World Order philosophy. Reagan’s monopoly on use of force was not limited to the domestic war on drugs. He exported that shit directly to Lebanon, Grenada, Libya, and the Persian Gulf.[4] If that’ not enough, he was behind proxy conflicts in Afghanistan and Africa. Later, George H. W. Bush felt his authority on use of force extended to Panama and the Persian Gulf War[5] and wherever else “Team America” was needed in the New World Order.

This Reagan/Bush hubris was very present in Ozymandias’s solution to the Cold War in the D. C. Universe. He wanted to stage a fake alien invasion to turn the world’s hostility outward toward his non-existent extra-terrestrials, thus distracting people of the D. C. Universe from the fear and hate they feel towards each other. AND Ozymandias – like Reagan and Bush – felt he had the authority to do so.

Given the competence level of Rorschach and his middle-aged side-kick, Night Owl, of course Ozymandias ultimately succeeded in destroying half of New York City…and half the population.

Moore, Alan and Dave Gibbons. Watchmen. New York: DC Comics, 1987. Print.

[1] Swift, John. The Soviet-American Arms Race. History Review: Issue 63. London. 2009. Print.

[2] Sutton, David K. U.S. Crime Rates 1960-2010: The Facts Might Surprise You. The Left Call. New York City. 2012. Print.

[3] Drash, Wayne Flores, Rosa & Kirkos, Bill. The killing of Laquan McDonald: The dashcam video vs. police accounts. Atlanta. 2015. Video/Print.

[4] Fidler, David P. War, Law & Liberal Thought: The Use of Force in the Reagan Years. Bloomington. 1994. Print.

[5] Grandin, Greg. How Our 1989 Invasion of Panama Explains the Current US Foreign Policy Mess. San Francisco. 2014. Print.

There are people in the world who believe Islam is a monolith; A single ideology with a hive mentality. All Muslims think, act, talk and look the same. All believe in the Caliphate and that it can only be attained by force. It’s a myth perpetuated by willfully ignorant bigots who want to feed you lies to perpetuate hate. These ignorant bigots operate under a number of false assumptions.
The first false assumption: The opposite of love is hate.
This is probably the most universal false assumption that exists today. I’ve met very few people in my life who understand that the true opposite of love is indifference. I personally didn’t come to this understanding until I was in my mid-30s. I think it’s probably the most important life lesson I’ve learned since my parents died.
People who perpetuate the myth do so primarily for two reasons. The first is due to the second false assumption: You have to hate people to kill them. It’s also a very popular misperception. I’ll come back to this one later. The second reason people perpetuate hate is because it’s a powerful emotion. People under its influence are easily manipulated and when you reinforce it, you validate it. Manipulation one of the most highly effective tools used by media, politicians and big business in America on otherwise well-meaning people who have no idea their being used to further policies/agendas that go against their own interests and oppressive ideologies.
The second false assumption (as I mentioned earlier) is that you have to hate in order to kill. I’ve seen this fallacy perpetuated more in the military than anywhere else. The United States Military wants it’s warriors to hate the enemies of the United States. This agenda permeates almost every aspect of the training warriors receive. They go out of their way to piss you off during the training process and encourage you to direct that anger at those who pose a threat to the United States. They want you to associate that anger and the violence you’re learning to inflict with the hatred of those on the eventual receiving end of that violence. I feel compelled to mention at this point that this is not a diatribe against violence. I’ve come to understand it has its time and place in the world. There are people all over who hate the United States and want to see it destroyed. Me and my battle buddies are all that stands between you and those who want to destroy you. Though I no longer serve, I was trained to respond to force with extreme force and I am always prepared to use it. As the cliché goes, there’s no expiration date on my oath to the United States Constitution.
That said, the undeniable truth is this: it’s possible to kill someone without actually hating them. All you have to do is recognize that the individual in question poses a physical threat to you, someone under your protection or just an innocent strangers trying to live their lives whom who you’ll probably never meet. In my opinion, the best warriors are those who can perform their duty dispassionately, compartmentalize acts of righteous violence and not let hate spoil the very thing they’re fighting for. In my case, what I fight for is Freedom of Choice. I’m talking about choices to follow a god or no god, to speak your truth or keep silent, to live your life on your terms…not terms dictated by others.
Terrorists (of all ideologies) have one mission; to make their ideology the ONLY accepted ideology. Despite popular opinion in the currently toxic xenophobic atmosphere, terrorist come in all forms. There is virtually no ideology that doesn’t have an extremist fringe. Buddhists are committing genocide against the Rohingya, Karen, Karenni, Christians and Shan (minority) Buddhists in Burma. The Lord’s Resistance Army is (a.k.a LRA, United Holy Salvation Army and Uganda Christian Army/Movement) a Christian militant group who has been terrorizing Uganda, South Sudan, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo since the late 1980s. It was recently (and mistakenly, in my opinion) removed from the list of terrorist group by the United States. The LRA has been accused of numerous human rights violations, including murder, abduction, mutilation, child-sex slavery, and using child soldiers. The Army of God is an allegedly “Pro-Life” organization in the United States that has been linked to terrorist acts against women’s reproductive health centers across several states since the 1980s. Bombing of Women’s Health Clinics, the harassment and murder of Women’s Health Care providers are just some of the tactics these alleged Christians have employed. I don’t care what your position is on abortion, you can’t claim to be a Christian and support the terrorism aimed at health care providers. As a supporter of voluntary motherhood, I’m fine with leaving those decisions in the hands of women and their health care providers or my tax dollar being used to provide birth control to human beings who can’t afford it. The government has no business dictating what insurance companies can’t cover or sticking their nose in anyone’s doctor’s office.
Other Christian extremists believe it’s not only permissible but commanded by god that Gays must be killed. Check out Kevin Swanson a Christian Preacher in the united states who recently endorsed Senator Ted Cruz, Governor Bobby Jindal and former Governor Mike Huckabee (all of whom campaigned for the republican nomination for President of the United States) and introduced them at the National Religious Liberties Conference.
Many Christians dismiss these extremist views by saying the folks in the LRA, Army of God and those who support Swanson are not “real” Christians. They point out that Jesus’s message cancelled out all the verses in the Old Testament that pushed the whole kill the gays, adulterers, witches, disobedient children, fornicators, non-believers, blasphemers bull shit. It’s my personal opinion that Jesus left the door open for that shit in Matthew 5:17 “Do not think that I came to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I did not come to abolish but to fulfill.” But I digress…
The same people, who call the “kill the gays” and “kill women’s health providers” assholes non-Christians, laugh at the notion that Islamists and Islamic Terrorists are wrong about the Quran, Hadiths and Sunnah. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t look at people “doing it wrong” in your religion and not accept that a vocal but small (no more than 30%) minority in another religion isn’t just as wrong. There’s a word for people like that. They’re called fucking “hypocrites.”
Stop letting these hypocrites manipulate you. Stop letting them use your ignorance to fill your head with misinformation and half-truths to serve their agenda. Start using your head. If you want truthful answers about Islam, ask a Muslim. There are many groups out there willing to tell the truth and will accept your help in spreading that truth.
I recommend the following organizations:
Muslim Reform Movement
American Islamic Forum for Democracy
American Islamic Congress
To see a list of organizations to avoid, see my prior post “Islamist Spotting 101”